The following brief history of Pinehurst Baptist church is an excerpt from a publication of our church's 50 year anniversary celebrated in 2002.  This publication was prepared by our former church members Dale and Melba Gooch.

Pinehurst Baptist Church is a cooperating church of the Southern Baptist Convention®

A Brief History of Pinehurst Baptist Church

Pinehurst Baptist Church had its beginning in 1952 as First Baptist Church of Pinehurst, located in the Pinehurst community which was not yet a part of Everett.  Later, in 1956, the congregation was approached by a sister church, Wetmore Avenue Baptist Church of Everett, with the proposition that the two unite and provide a stronger witness to the area.  At that time there were very few Southern Baptist churches in the state, much less in the Everett/Seattle area.1956

So, on September 30th of that year, the two congregations under the guidance of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the Washington-Oregon Baptist Convention, Dr. E.E. Milam, formed Pinehurst Baptist Church.  There were 31 members in the beginning, but some that joined the new church later were considered as charter members.  By mutual consent, the congregation sought out and purchased property at 1902 Madison, the present location.  An old wooden frame building would serve as a meeting place until 1968.

Complying with state laws, the church was designated as a corporation and, under Dr. Milam's direction, drafted a constitution and by-laws which served the church until being revised in 1986.

As a church cooperating with like-minded sister churches of the Southern Baptist Convention, Pinehurst Baptist Church became a member of Mt. Baker Association, made up of churches north from Everett as far as the Canadian Border.  Later in 1961, Pinehurst became a member of the much larger Evergreen association (now Puget Sound Baptist Association) made up of churches in and around the greater Seattle area.

In 1962 the congregation exercised faith through a venture to raise funds and construct a1966 new sanctuary.  Several ideas were considered and, two years later, on May 3, 1964, the church applied for a $30,000 loan from the S.B.C. Home Mission Board.  Finally, on October 3rd , 1965, a groundbreaking service was held to inaugurate construction.

Additions and modifications to the original building have taken place in at least four different stages.  Major modification of the downstairs area was done by member volunteers in 1985 and 1986.  As the membership began to grow and more educational space was needed, excavation and construction was begun on the "Mabel O'Donnell educational Wing" in 1989.  Then, as more space was needed, an additional two-story educational wing was built on the northwest corner of the church property adjoining the original building.